Vehicle Wraps

With Los Angeles thriving as a high-traffic, commuter based city, car wraps are quickly becoming a popular, low-cost method for advertising. If you or your employees do any driving during the day, why not let that travel take on double duty and spread the word of your business on the roads and freeways of California? Effective for businesses both big and small, custom vinyl car, truck, and van wraps can deliver the message of your brand quickly, efficiently, and with the custom flair your company deserves.

Why pay for stationary advertising when this innovative method creates a moving billboard on any vehicle? Car advertising with car wraps delivers advertising in three-dimensional form, creating fast, memorable impact on potential customers and setting the stage for all your business has to offer, making car wraps a perfect way to tell the city of Los Angeles about your business, loud and clear.

If you own a business and are looking to expand your advertising into the most effective local tool available, there are many benefits to having a Car Wrap applied to your vehicle. Not only can you leverage company-owned vehicles by converting them to mobile advertisements, but car wraps are a much more affordable and cost effective form of advertising than other traditional forms of advertising. Because your vehicles drive around during the day, your car wrap will have maximum exposure, potentially reaching between 30,000 to 70,000 people per day. Rather than pay for a billboard or print ad every month, a car wrap is a one time purchase that can deliver thousands of leads over the years. Additionally, as the owner of the vehicle, you can customize the design of your car wrap as much as you want with very few restrictions; having complete control over your marketing is key in crafting your message. You can also choose when and where to display your advertisement – maybe you’d like to park your vehicle at a specific corner during a particularly busy time of day – you have the control to move your advertisement where it will benefit your business the most.


Rest assured, we use only the highest quality products on the market and laminate all of our wraps with a premium UV lamination designed to block harmful UV rays and to better protect your graphics against the elements. Our work is not done until you are satisfied with the product we deliver!

A perfectly applied car wrap is only as good as its design. At Outlaw Graphix, we have your car wrap handled from idea, to design, to application, and beyond! Our in-house team of creative graphic designers is available develop a design based on your ideas – or create new concepts to choose from. Our designers will learn about your business goals, your vision for your car wrap, and any other information required before turning out enticing, exciting designs created specifically for the layout and shape of a car wrap. Upon final design approval from you, the client, materials are printed on-location at Outlaw Graphix and installation by our talented team is scheduled at your convenience.


For businesses looking to take their advertising to the next level, we offer the following types of vinyl wraps:
  • Car Wraps
  • Truck Wraps
  • Bus Wraps
  • SUV Wraps
  • Van Wraps
  • Boat Wraps
  • Car Decals