Recreational Wraps

You’ve seen Car Wraps, but have you seen just how far we can push the wide world of wrapping? From Helmet Wraps, to Wave Runner Wraps, MotoCross Wraps and beyond – recreational wraps for all types of vehicles and accessories are quickly becoming the most popular treatment in the Wrap industry. Paint is very expensive – especially custom, complex designs with a variety of colors, shading, text and design elements. Helmet Wraps, Wave Runner Wraps, Surfboard Wraps and more deliver the unique, custom look you want without the cost and specialized artistry associated with painted designs. Plus, you receive a proof of what your wrap will look like before the application process begins!

Whether you’re looking to have a Bike Wrap installed to represent your sponsor, or you just want to add your own personal style to your helmet, Outlaw Graphix will make sure you get the design you really want. If you have ideas, we can make them a reality – or we can start from scratch and show you an array of options suited to your vision. With years of experience, our professional designers will create something perfect for the size and shape of anything you want to wrap – and our installers will apply it flawlessly.

So why should you choose a Helmet Wrap, Bike Wrap, or Surfboard Wrap? For one, you’ll never get as detailed of a design with paint, and of course, a wrap will be far less expensive than a paint job – not to mention more durable than paint. The design will be created especially for the item you’re wrapping, ensuring all sides will look perfect – and be applied perfectly as well.



The sky is the limit for Recreational Wraps! Here is a small sample of the wraps we apply:

  • Helmet Wraps
  • MotoCross Wraps
  • Motorcycle Wraps
  • Surfboard Wraps
  • Go-Kart Wraps
  • WaveRunner Wraps
  • Boat Wraps
  • Jet Ski Wraps
Jerry L.
Long Beach, CA
"I've used Outlaw Graphix since 2007. The times that I did were productive and my time wasn't wasted. Kayleen is very diligent and wants to please the customer. The prices are competitive and there isn't anything they won't do in the field of graphic design. I'm picky, to say the least, this is why I continue to use Outlaw Graphix."